Medusa Island

A fabulous fantasy novel for kids ages 9 - 13 by Stuart and Linda Macfarlane

available from April 2008

Visit the Medusa Island website for more information on the teen novel - Medusa Island

Medusa Island

Fantastic fiction adventure book for children / teenagers / kids.

Coming in May 2008

Details of the book:

Evil Doctor X has discovered that a mix of modern science and ancient magic can change the DNA of people and animals turning them into mythical creatures.

He has turned all the inhabitants of the tiny island of Gogha into strange creatures, Eleven year old Mellissa, who has been turned into Medusa escapes from the island and looking for help - but anytime anyone looks at her they turn to stone. She meets Simon and Ross who luckily are wearing sunglasses and not affected by her powers.

Now it is up to the three children to stop the evil Doctor X and save the world.

Publishers DNA Press

Visit the Medusa Island website for more information on the teen novel - Medusa Island

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Stuart and Linda Macfarlane have written a range of humour and children's fantasy novels.
Medusa Island cover design by  Nei Bakaneko
About Medusa :

Medusa was one of the Gorgons - the only one who was mortal. Her gaze turned anyone who looked at her upon to stone. There is a particular myth in which Medusa was originally a beautiful maiden. She desecrated Athena's temple by lying there with Poseidon. Outraged, Athena turned Medusa's hair into living snakes.

 Medusa was killed by the hero Perseus with the help of Athena and Hermes. He killed her by cutting of her head and gave it to Athena, who placed it in the center of her Aegis, which she wore over her breastplate.

 From Medusa's dead body the giant Chrysaor and the winged horse Pegasus, her son by Poseidon, sprang forth.



 Children's Medusa Myth Story